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Equality Arizona

*in progress*

Trans.vote is an informative website and hotline for trans voters throughout the nation. The site exists to help transgender voters navigate potentially difficult situations when they head to the polls. The website exists to have a list of ID requirements for different states where ID based restrictions are known to exist. The project is led by Equality Arizona, and is meant to be up and running by November 2022, in time for the midterm elections throughout the country.

The idea was to be risograph inspired, with interesting and geometric themes. For this project I created the overall layout of the website in Adobe XD which was used as reference for the code. I made sure as many elements as possible were vectors to allow for faster loading times for both the user and the server. I was in charge of creating the entire brand for this website, including colors (based on traditional riso and printing colors), buttons and button states, state illustrations, typeface, and more.

Finished website coming soon, I will provide a link when it is completed.

yellow state of Arizona with geometric shapes and lines in blue and pink scattered across.
State of Arizona in yellow with blue and pink blob like organic shapes cut out of it.
yellow state of Arizona with geometric lines in blue and pink scattered across.
mockup of trans.vote states page on an IMac on a desk.
set of 4 trans dot vote logos
set of 4 trans dot vote logos
Screenshot of the states page of the trans.vote website. Logo in top left corner, with 22 state buttons in the middle in blue, pink, and yellow.
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