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Roots Interiors


Roots is a luxury interior design firm concept. For this project I was the sole designer, creating the logo, collateral, website mockup, and all other things pictured. For this project I wanted to make sure the website was reminiscent of current industry websites, but a little less flashy, and easier to navigate. I've found recently that many websites have too much going on, and it actually makes the experience of finding information way less accessible. This is a trap I wanted to avoid with Roots. I also designed a set of collateral for the brand, including paper tube designs, business cards, and stationery.

Check out a prototype of the website here!

brand board for Roots. It features patterns, mockups of the website, building, and stationery, colors, icons, and more.
mockup of Roots envelope designs. Each side of the green envelope is shown, featuring the logo and some iconography.
Mockup of a piece of paper with the green Roots logo in the top right corner. Paper is folder over to reveal a pattern on the backside.
mockup of the Roots website on an IMac at a desk.
mockup of Roots stationery. There is an example of the Roots letterhead, with an envelope and a business card.
mockup of the Roots Stationery. There is an envelope, a paper tube, business cards all scattered around the image.
mockup of the Roots logo as metal signage on a building.
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