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Mela Cider


Mela is a hard cider brand concept that I invented to showcase my branding skills and my love of cider. I choose my beverages quite frequently based on their packaging, and it has been a goal of mine to design my own beverage packaging one day. Really, if I ever sold the cider that I make at home, this is how the brand would look. I wanted to channel a mid-century look, while still keeping it modern. The labels have places where I will fill in the information as needed, because each batch that I make is unique.

I created every part of this branding myself using Photoshop, Illustrator, and some brushes from Retro Supply Co. My intention was for the brand to have a modernized vintage feel. I also made the different flavors, bottled, and labeled them in real life. The photos of the bottles are not mockups, and it was some of the best cider I have ever made.

image of 3 cider bottles with 3 different flavors. peach, pear, and apple.
image of 3 cider bottles with 3 different labels. pear, peach, and apple.
mockup of front cover of mela brand book. red book on off white background with off white text.
spread of brand book mockup with about page and colors.
spread of brand book mockup with type info and logos.
spread of brand book mockup with illustrations and pattens.
back label of cider bottle for apple flavor. Red text, off white background, apple logo in bottom right corner.
apple-tizing cider label
peary good cider label
peachy keen cider label
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