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Equality Arizona

Equality Arizona

In the beginning of 2022 I was hired to design a series of presentations for Equality Arizona. Throughout the year I completed a wide variety of design projects for the organization. These included tabling materials, flyers, social media posts, booklets, website illustrations and icons, presentations, and many other things. Towards the end of the year the organization decided to rebrand entirely which I was in charge of. They wanted a design system that felt young and approachable but not too trendy, and was going to be easy for employees to utilize and iterate on without the guidance of a designer on the team.

I worked with the team to create a brand that fit their needs as an organization. I researched typefaces that fit their style and budget, chose new colors, made patterns, gathered and created assets, researched printing companies, and designed everything they needed to launch in the new year.

To see some of the work in action, visit equalityarizona.org!

mockup of business cards
mockup of social media posts
mockup of social media posts
mockup of square flyers font and back
mockup of square flyers
mockup of trifold brochure
mockup of business stationery
mockup of 3 x frame banners
mockup of equality arizona branding guidelines
black tshirt with pink and blue text that reads "let trans kids be kids"
white shirt with rainbow text that reads "be gay" and smaller black text that reads "house people"
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