Gif of a light skinned boy with blonde hair and a pink shirt emerging from a laptop screen and waving at the viewer.


My name is Tate 😊.
I am a multi-disciplinary artist & designer in sunny Arizona 🌞. I love simplicity, accessibility, and learning new things.

State of Arizona with rainbow gradient with the word "equality" in white blocky type inside the state 3 times.

Equality Arizona

project details
off white background with an illustration of apples on a branch with leaves. the Mela logo is in the bottom right corner.

Mela Cider

project details
interior spread of photo book. One image spans both pages, it is a lumen print with a plant shape in the center and two orbs in each bottom corner.

Photo Book

project details
Mockup of a piece of paper with the green Roots logo in the top right corner. Paper is folder over to reveal a pattern on the backside.

Roots Interiors

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illustration for "meowy christmas" card with blue background and black cat with a scarf and santa hat on, laying down in front of presents.


project details
trans dot vote logo in pink and blue on a white background.


project details

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